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There are plenty of ways to learn Chinese. However, if you want a supplement method to boost your overall language fluency, taking Chinese classes online with a Chinese teacher is an ideal option.


Why Take Chinese Classes Online?

  • Taking Chinese classes online is convenient in terms of time, no need to waste time on roads to local schools. You can learn Chinese interactively with our teachers in real time from your computer.
  • Money Saving. Undoubtedly, online learning, including online classes are much more budget friendly compared with home-visiting teachers.
  • Flexible schedule for learning. Most online Chinese schools can arrange tutors for you with flexibility, so you can learn at your time available.
  • Online Classes are just trendy.


Choosing an online Chinese learning website is the first step. Whether you need to learn Chinese for your personal interest or future career plans, you will surely want to choose a company that offers exactly what you need.


There are a number of companies who offer comparable online tutoring services. Before making a decision, you should be as informed as possible so that the decision you make is the right one for your unique situation.


Some of the great websites for learning Chinese online include iChineseLearning. The school is a great option in terms of both course rate and quality of teaching. The online classes will enable you to make basic Chinese conversations on daily topics such as greeting, asking time, exchanging personal information, asking price, telling your hobbies, etc.


Besides, iChineseLearning also offer very flexible schedule and after-sale help and support. For example, students at ICL can not only benefit from the Skype Chinese lessons online, they can also learn Chinese by their podcast channel as an off-class support. It aims to help non-native speakers of Chinese language to practice Chinese listening and speaking through situational dialogues.


The podcast lessons are divided into 5 levels from newbie to advanced, so you can choose a level that suits your interests and needs. Each podcast lesson consists of four parts: Dialogue, Vocabulary, Grammar and Exercises.

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